Landstingsfastigheter Sörmland

A geographically dispersed health care provider has 3 hospitals and  250 other buildings including primary care practices. Trix Organizer stores all the building and equipment documentation in a single database.

Facilities Module is used to overlay icons  representing specific items of equipment on top of displayed plans and  elevations. The system communicates directly with a third party FM system so  it’s easy to zoom in on an asset in Organizer and immediately open up the  relevant asset record in the FM system’s window. Conversely, locations can be  instantly displayed on floor plans in Organizer from lists selected in the FM  system.

Individual areas such as examination rooms  and theaters are charged out to workgroups. These leases can be as short as one  week at a time. Trix Organizer provides the leasing manager with real-time views  depicting tenants and vacancies by color coding rooms. In a similar fashion  cleaning contracts and specifiations are assigned.

Although the facilities were for the most part of  relatively recent construction much of the original documentation was on paper. Provanum, Trix  System’s parent company, performed the scanning, indexing and loading of the  data. A limited subset of the architectural drawings was converted to Autodesk Architecture DWG format. This enables Organizer to provide 3D depictions and access to asset data.

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